Mathtest 3.6 Additional Information

Problem: Mathtest Sound is Broken in Windows, Mac, or Linux DOS Emulator
If you're running Mathtest under Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, or 2000, or running it on a Mac or in Linux through a DOS emulator and the sound is broken, not much can be done about this problem. The old 16-bit speaker driver routines are interrupt-driven and do not work well under emulated environments. The best solution might be to round up an old PC running MS-DOS or to turn the sound off.

Running Mathtest on Old Computers
If you've found an old PC that has color graphics and MS-DOS, Mathtest should run great on it. Mathtest has been tested to run with FreeDOS, if MS-DOS or another operating system is not available to you. It's included on the free, self-contained FUZOMA disk that contains a lot of other great free educational programs.

Practicing Multiplication Tables Above 12
It's possible to have Mathtest present multiplication tables above 12 by starting Mathtest with the /A option:

mathtest /A=20

where the number can be any number up to 100. Then, choose "Multiply" on the Main Menu, and "Basic" on the next menu. (Selecting "Practice a Table" shows a buggy message, so use "Basic" instead). Also remember to select "Horizontal" for the problem type, otherwise you will see another bug which uses the reverse-number method for entering answers.

If you're running Mathtest in Windows 95, 98, or the like, you can set the /A option by right-clicking on the file that you use to start Mathtest, selecting "Properties" from the pop-up menu, and adding the /A option in the "Program" tab, at the end of the "Cmd Line" entry like this:

"...ATHTEST.EXE /A=20"

See the MATHTEST.TXT file in the Mathtest distribution for more information on setting command line parameters.

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